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Making Heads Turn

Culture of erstwhile Bombay is an interesting blend of cuisines, languages, food, fine arts, cinema and festivals. The city people spend a considerable time of their day commuting and working which leaves very little time with them for anything else , which interestingly nobody seems to mind at all . Apart from the original inhabitants , even the migrants unknowingly become a part of the hustle and start loving it .
The city known for its skylines and vibrant night life offers a high adrenaline , foot tapping and Bollywoodesque vibes to the city dwellers .
Our brand Bo Bombay is dedicated to this bewitching charm of old world Bombay . We have tried to capture the fluid and breezy style of the people here – which is very organic and doesn’t take a lot of time to ensemble in our collection.
Through our brand we present the Bombay vibes to the world .

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The Latest Collections

Blue Tulip

Rs 799

This tulip dress just like its nemesis -known for its beautiful colour ( Light blue in this case ) and its shape would help you embrace the hot season with its super soft and comfortable fabric while keeping it clean , chic and fun.


Begonias Dress

Rs 999

Begonias are known to grow quickly and fill up spaces in no time . Just like the flower this perky dress would be a perfect addition in your summer landscape.


Daffodil Dress

Rs 899

After two years of lockdowns with minimal social gatherings and hanging out with friends our daffodil dress brings you a balanced luxury - perfect for day and night.


Aster Dress

Rs 899

The vibrant colours of this Aster Dress are a perfect match to the summer season. The pattern is so youthful and full of energy that you would feel the need to zip around the city in it .


Salvia Dress

Rs 999

Salvia dress is just the right amount of elegant as breezy .Romantic , dreamy and gorgeous enough to waltz you straight to the party places.


Magnolia Dress

Rs 1099

Lemon, Sunflower and Mangoes - we love all things Yellow ! Lets be all bright and shine this summer

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